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Hot Tub Maintenance

Owning a hot tub is a formation more fun when it's been maintained and cleaned properly; where all you see upon gazing into its water is your clear reflection. There are steps to act as intent that are not too difficult, that if followed, will keep your hot tub in worthy working order for many years.

One of the first pieces of advice to be offered is this: posses a back up supply of everything you may need to keep your hot tub well maintained and healthy. There are sometimes when you'll need to add chemicals or shock the water that if you were out of the supply, you may not be able to get to a dealership, and will have to forfeit a soak in the tub.

Starter kits come with a new hot tub to get you started now soon as the water is in and heated up. These kits will contain chlorine or bromine, which come in the form of tablets or granules, a pH balancer and an anti - bubbles agent. These kits will allow you to get your hot tub up and running but there is more to it when keeping up with hot tub maintenance.

Thinking about a " shock treatment " when describing how it fits in with a hot tub may sound counter - productive and even parlous but rest assured, if you keep a hot tub, a shock treatment is a must - have. No matter how diligent you are about keeping your hot tub cleaned, everyone gets a little side - tracked every once in a while, and when your cleaning schedule is a little off, it will lead to a build - up of organic materials in the water. When you encounter the effects of material build - up, you will put on thankful to have one or two shock treatments on hand, because by adding these will usually clear up any problems right now. Again, I stress having one or two on hand at all times, so you don't have to post - pone a relaxing time in the hot tub because you need to run out to the store for the shock treatment products.

One of the most important qualities to an enjoyable time in the hot tub is to be sure that your damp quality is always at the clearest possible. There are sparkling agents and anti - scaling chemical treatments that can be added to your hot tub with regular maintenance that will keep the water crystal clear. If you can add this chemical as a normal hot tub maintenance feature, you will enjoy clarion clear water and always be a step or two ahead of the hard water calcium build up that can turn even the cleanest water cloudy.

Finally, when addressing hot tub maintenance to promote healthy clear water, clean the filter cartridge often, even if it is just by removing the cartridge and hosing it down with a garden hose; by doing this you will cut down on the maintenance needed to run an efficient hot tub. Hot tub maintenance would not be complete without some patient of the need to absolutely drain the hot tub every three to four months.


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