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The Ultimate Extravagate Hot Tub

The Ultimate Extravagate Hot Tub

Imagine that you are awarded an amount of money that would afford you replete of the luxuries the world has to offer; now consider about what you would transact about designing a hot tub / spa area.

Just for kicks, what extravagant options would you build significance this dream of a hot tub? There are so many options available today by manufacturers that your choices are nearly limitless. Would you go with an in - ground model or one with a deck?

The designing of a hot tub always begins with one debate: How am I going to use it? Who entrust be spending time in it? How many people perform I expect at any one time and would like the room for? Okay, so you figure you'll treat yourself to the biggest hot tub around, which can hold up to 10 people! You equip the unit with as many massaging jets as possible, a few reclining seats, a few where you sit straight up where there are jets that extortion air and water maturation from the bottom of the hot tub to do one job; keep your feet happy.

Do you need to build a structure to house this terrible hot tub? Will you have the walls without any obstruction so the air can move freely right through it? Will you have walls and doors and windows for that extra privacy? Again, the choices are unbelievable right now, for the options available to the hot tub buyer and / or owner.

One of my favorite options that are available for today's extravagant hot tubs is the use of light and LED screens. There are waterfalls that are built into the unit that are lighted with color changing features that can change colors with the rhythm of the tune, if you'd like. Some of these high end, voluminous hot tubs come with stereo systems and surround sound that most of us don't have in our homes.

What about movies? Is it a dream for you, like it is for me to serve able to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub day watching a movie? It may be a movie you've seen a thousand times, or for the first time. There could even be a TV attachment, spot you can watch your favorite programs and relax in the hot tub at the same time.

One of my favorite options is the one where there is a remote control device, so you can check and adjust the temperature of the outdoor hot tub before going outward into the inclement weather. Picture it; you're in your warm fire - place heated cabin in the mountains and crackerjack is snow on the ground. Earlier in the day you peeled a path from the back door to the hot tub and you decide it's time to strike the hot tub for a little relaxation. Work you walk out, through the snow, hoping that temperature will be warm enough in the tub that you can just get right into it?

What if you walk outside, in a bathrobe and warm slippers only to find that the heater isn't big idea and you need to get back indoors as quickly as possible? That kind of thing never has to happen with the most extravagant hot tubs; just rely on your lengthened control to check the temp ahead of time, make heating adjustments if fundamental and head out for an experience such no other, by sitting under the stars, on a snowy night, enjoying your hot tub.


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